Current Semester

Sl. No. Course Code Course Name Instructor Course Type Course Timings
1 BIO200.5 Reading course: Understanding living systems Mukund Thattai Core Th-11:30-12:30
2 MTH247.5 Topics in Non-linear Partial Differential Equations Vishal Vasan Elective M,W- 10:30-12:00
3 BIO233.6 Statistical Physics of Biological Systems Archishman Raju Core M,F-11:30-13:00
4 BIO226.6 Statistical inference in biology Shruthi Viswanath, Shaon Chakraborty Core M,W-14:00-15:30
5 PHY413.5 Mathematical methods Siva Athreya, Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Samriddhi Sankar Ray Elective
6 PHY411.5 Physics of Living Matter Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy Core T,Th-9:45-11:15
7 BIO134.6 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology Dasaradhi Palakodeti, Dimple Notani M,W,F-9:00-10:00
8 BIO102.6 Developmental Biology Rajesh K Ladher, Tina Mukherjee M,W,F-10:00-11:30
9 PHY440.5 An Introduction to Elasticity and Fluid Dynamics Abhishek Dhar Elective